RIE STYLE Spring Yamahai MNG

RIE STYLE 春の山廃特別純米無濾過生原酒

RIE STYLE Spring Yamahai MNG

(Mie prefecture, Moriki brewery)

Cute cat label, but totally full body Sake !!

Rie is brew meister of this brewery.

Her specialty is Yamahai style.

This Sake is full body and quite complex spicy taste.

Since this is quite young and fresh, but after some time it will be more matured and sophisticated.

Now enjoy the freshness of spring!!

SAKE BAR ASAKURA's schedule of April 2018.


April 17th(Tue), 24th(Tue)

May 1st(Tue), 7th(Mon), 8th(Tue), 9th(Wed)

19:00-25:00(24:00 L.O.)

Cover charge is ¥500/person.

Tel : +81-75-212-4417

mail : yoshias5@hotmail.com

Add : 518-2 Kamiosakacho, Nakagyo-ku | Daikyu Bld 2F, Kyoto


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